Monday, 4 March 2013

Places To Rock


My first compilation I am going to put up is Places to Rock, not strictly all rock songs but in their own way they all rock a little. We start with Streets of Philadelphia, a nice melodic piece from the boss man himself before moving into the weird world of Hotel California by The Eagles. When I was thinking of tracks the next obvious choice was California Dreaming,  after this I decided to rock it up a little with Sweet Home Alabama before cooling things down with Africa by Toto.  The second half of the compilation moves into pop rock starting with China in your hand and then moving into Bowie's strange world of life on mars a classic which I think is often overlooked. We climb the hill with Peter before settling in the relaxing Kingston town. The album ends with us taking a trip to New York before finishing off in love with Vienna.

Track Listing

1. Streets of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen

2. Hotel California – The Eagles

3. California Dreaming – Mama’s and the Papa’s

4. Sweet home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

5. Africa – Toto

6. China in your hand – T’Pau

7. Life on Mars – David Bowie

8. Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabrielle

9. Kingston Town – UB40

10. Englishman in New York – Sting

11. Vienna – Ultravox