Saturday, 16 March 2013



Sometimes when i have had enough of reading at work especially when it is dark I turn off the light and sing, most of the songs I sing tend to be ballads as they are easier to do (PS I'm tone deaf) most are what people don’t know some are cheesy Feargal, Poison, Guns ‘n’ Roses are not there well known tracks, Bon Jovi I love his lyrics with a iron clad fist I wake up and French kiss the morning (yawn) Michelle Pfeiffer the best actress and I'm a biker, Queen album track from a day at the races, Harry brilliant acapella, Scott Bakula from the best TV series ever quantum leap, what can I say about Showaddywaddy and Bros, then a few rock songs seen little angels live and finish with Henry Ramsay from Neighbours singing about the girl of my dreams.


1. Feargal Sharkey - I've got news for you

2. Poison - Something to believe in

3. Guns ‘n’ Roses - Patience

4. Bon Jovi – I’ll be there for you

5. Bon Jovi - bed of roses

6. Michelle Pfeiffer - Cool rider

7. Queen - You take my breath away

8. Harry Connick jr - Heavenly

9. Scott Bakula - Impossible dream

10. Showaddywaddy - Three steps to heaven

11. Bros - Madly in love

12. Bros - sister

13. Skid Row - Wasted time

14. Little Angels - I aint gonna cry

15. Craig McLachlan – Amanda

Mix by – John Lauder