Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bands Seen


This is my list of bands seen from my first in 1990 of Bruce at the Mayfair which then led me to see iron maiden (tour that had bring your daughter to the slaughter at No1) at the city hall which is the same venue I saw thunder and Europe, I also went to the arena and saw the Coors. I saw Skunk Anansie and little angels at the academy, Spice Girls on the spice world tour at Wembley arena, Bon Jovi at Gateshead stadium, Scouting For Girls and the feeling at free concert at bents park in south shields.


1. Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed millionaire.

2. Iron Maiden - Can I play with madness?

3. Skunk Anansie - Hedonism (just because you feel good)

4. Thunder - Love walked in.

5. The Coors - dreams.

6. Spice Girls - The lady is a vamp.

7. Europe - Prisoners in paradise.

8. Little Angels - Kicking up dust.

9. Bon Jovi - Always.

10. Scouting For Girls - Without you.

11. The Feeling - Love it when you call.

Mix by John Lauder