Saturday, 9 March 2013



Heartbreak of the love of my life. Amanda was my dream girl and when i told her my feelings she turned out the light and walked away. She left me in November so i had a lonely Xmas. It stated of so well but now i need saved. I am asking her not to give up on us,but I hear her footsteps walking away. She said she just wants to be friends so is basically saying don't wait for me. This left me with empty rooms where we learn to live without love. As i work on the railway I have to add heartbreak station as well. As scouting for girls sing I'm putting on a brave face even though I'm falling apart,and the lyrics in the song we are on the same path you just got a head start,no matter where you run we will always share the same sun and the air you breath was maybe once in me. I am trying to move on but its not that easy but I think that next time i will never fall in love again and just wondering what becomes of the broken hearted.

Track List

1. Love of my life - queen.

2. Amanda - Boston.

3. Lonely this Christmas - Mud.

4. Save me - queen.

5. Don't give up on us - David Soul.

6. Footsteps - Showaddywaddy.

7. Don't wait for me - Thunder.

8. Empty rooms - Gary Moore.

9. Heartbreak station - Cinderella.

10. Six degrees - Scouting for girls.

11. Its not that easy - Jemar.

12. the next time - Cliff Richard.

13. (it looks like) I'll never fall in love again - Tom Jones.

14. What becomes of the broken hearted  -Robson and Jerome.

Mix by - John Lauder