Saturday, 13 April 2013

Grown Up


I lost my virginity to the first track (album) and I think this is where my adulthood began and it’s one of the best opening tracks in my opinion to an album. You can call me Al is all about anonymity and for my first few years I felt like I was nobody lost in a massive world. Blind curve ends with the lyrics “I can't take any more, should we say goodbye, How can we justify? , They call us civilised!” such poetic genius cannot be ignored, fish has written better but this one just get me, I started to see what the world was really all about and this saddened me. Peter though lifted me up kept me pushing, it may be not easy but if you give up you fail. Bruce then reminds you that as a single person can’t change anything and that’s just the way it is. Later I was stuck in a relationship and needed to get out Damien helped me with elephant reminding me that some things do just need to die.

I went through a rough phase of my life and Moby’s simple lyrics just lift you up when your alone and down, with Sugar Mice it’s all about the lyrics, being a father isn’t easy but when you’re not with your children this hits home more than all other songs on the list, this also reminds me of the time I was talking to my daughter and I broke down in the middle of a packed pub as I was overrun with emotions of pain and regret, “Ain't no one in here that's left to blame but me” and “So if you want my address it's number one at the end of the bar” I was drinking a lot. I lost someone close to me Queensryche helped me take perspective of this and deal with the missing part of my life.

Still felling low and looking for help ‘Fix Me’ was what I needed and I found someone to lift me and help me out of the hole I was in. Small bump says it all really, no explanation needed. After me is the ultimate in love and sacrifice you could have in a relationship, it also makes you remember you don’t need paradise to have a good time, just make the most of what you have. I was starting to be content with my life a Wife, 4 Good (well sometimes) Children and a job that makes you feel like you do make a difference then we hit a recession, to be fair I have not been hit as bad as some but I think we all feel it, this song makes me think of all those greedy bankers and failing politicians.  I have finished with Terence as I would like you all to pray for those around you and appreciate what you have as there are many people worse off with no hope of escape. I escaped…


1. Enigma – The voice of enigma

2. Paul Simon – You can call me Al

3. Marillion – Blind Curve

4. Peter Gabrielle (Kate Bush) – Don’t give up

5. Bruce Hornsby and the Range – The way it is

6. Damien Rice – Elephant

7. Moby – Why does my heart

8. Marillion – Sugar Mice

9. Queensryche – Silent Lucidity

10. Coldplay – Fix Me

11. Ed Sheeran – Small bump

12. Marillion – After Me

13. The Cross – Old Men

14. Terence Trent D’Arby – If you all get to Heaven

Mix by Richard Sample