Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Significant Dates


This mix is the no 1's of the significant dates in my life.
The day I was born was T-Rex a great track even better was Los Lobos which was when I was 16 and also when I joined the YTS, when I was 18 it was sonia,21 was Geordie legend Jimmy Nail, when I joined the railway full time it was Sinead O'Connor, when the girl of my dreams walked into my life 23/02/04 it was busted, the following July when I had my bike accident it was 2pac featuring Elton John would have been more appropriate if it had of been Busted, when I turned 40 it was JLS featuring Dev, when I got with the girl of my dreams 12/10/12 I know I was slow it was Rihanna and when she left me 9/11/12 it was Robbie Williams and to finish my funeral song by speedway.


1. T-Rex - Get it on

2. Los Lobos - La bamba

3. Sonia - You'll never stop me from loving you

4. Jimmy Nail - Ain't no doubt

5. Sinead O'Connor - Nothing compares to you

6. Busted - Who's David

7. 2 Pac featuring Elton John - Ghetto gospel

8. JLS featuring Dev - She makes me wanna

9. Rihanna - Diamonds

10. Robbie Williams - Candy

11. Speedway - Always here

Mix By John Lauder