Friday, 22 March 2013

Wild Dancing


This would be a compilation mix that I would play while driving or doing activities such as ironing, housework or gardening. I couldn't play this while not moving as it would physically make me move.  I have no issues with dancing in the car.

Children of the Night, this classic happy hardcore song of the late 90s makes me feel so wild, hair flying, body bouncing with the beat. Relax, an unusual choice for a first dance at my wedding, but it holds special memories for hubby and I so we chose it, thankfully I didn't marry in a wedding dress, so could really 'relax' into the music. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now, March 1991 this was re-released and I heard it on the radio, having been contemplating leaving my first husband, this song was stuck in my head, and gave me something to hang on to when I made the choice to go.  Now I just love the guitars. Bitch, if ever a song was written to describe me it’s this, I am everything all rolled into one.

Ramp, my eldest son took me to see Scooter live at the Metro Arena I always liked the music he played but this song makes me happy.  Eldest son has a thing for all German Dance music, I like most but nothing like Scooter.  I remember dancing to this amongst a 1000 teens and young under 25s, I felt ancient as I walked in and rolled out, but when I was there 2010 I was young again, wild again, high again. All Day and All of the Night, a great 60s song that has depth and rhythm as well as words that can be heard and understood. Ever Fallin in Love with Someone, a wild song, sing as loud as you want, and the words are all so similar it’s ok if you get them wrong. This song is so fun to dance to. Heartbreaker, the voice moves me, from the album In the Heat of the Night, this album is a classic, one of the only albums I have every track of on my iPod.  It covers every mood with a hard vocal of a woman’s point of view of relationships starting ending and being trapped. Mustang Sally, starting to slow things down now, lovely mood song to still dance too. This is where my energy level is dipping, but this song, Cream, moving into a slinky style of dancing here, this song is pure filth and I love it.


1. Nakatomi - Children of the Night

2. Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax

3. The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

4.  Meridith Brooks - Bitch

5. Scooter - Ramp (The Logical Song)

6. The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night

7. Buzzcocks - Ever Fallin in Love with Someone

8. Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker

9. The Commitments - Mustang Sally

10.  Prince – Cream

Mix by Dawn Tweddell