Sunday, 7 July 2013

End of Day Mix


Well it isn't right now as I'm writing this, but this is one of my favorite mixes.  It starts and ends with J.D. Souther's recent release "I'll be here at closing time"... God that song gets to me because I so easily fall in love with waitresses and barristas.   Each CD version has unique character to it... horns on one, and acoustic on the other.  In between there is a Baez cover Dangling Conversation which is almost more a morning song, but just longs to put in bed with the other person.  Easy from now on is Becky Schlegel is written by Susanna Clark & Carlene Carter Routh and originally put out by Emmy Lou Harris.  If that isn't easy enough for you, then Give yourself to Love... here in the mix by the author the late Kate Wolf.  Originally written for a wedding, but it always brings me back to a mantra in life... "Give yourself to love, if love is what you are after"

Next a surreal "Hearts and Bones" by The Pines, sung by Benson Ramsey who has a great youthful Dylan sounding voice... again it's all about waking up, but you have to go to sleep before you can wake up.  Hideaway Girl just picks it up a little, without getting you too stirred up.  Home... a Karla Bonoff song but I bet you only think Bonnie Raitt when you hear it.  Those trains come and go, especially in the distance with the window open.

Holy Now... what's the end of the day without a story... brought to you by Peter Mayer about his youth. 

There are three songs that tie the theme together and "I hope that I don't fall in love with you" by the master Tom Waits is one of them along with "It's too late to call it a night" by Amy Speace and the JD Souther pieces.    Of course I put a favorite Midnight and Mississippi song in there for fun too.


1. I’ll be hare at closing time - J.D. Souther

2. Dangling conversation - Joan Baez

3. Easy from now on - Becky Schlegel

4. Give yourself to love - Kate Wolf

5. Hearts and bones - The Pines

6. Hideaway girl - Jimmy LaFave

7. Home - Bonnie Raitt

8. Holy Now - Peter Mayer

9. I hope that I don’t fall in love - Tom Waits

10. Miss the Mississippi and you - Rosanne Cash

11. It’s too late to call it a night - Amy Speace

12. I’ll be here at closing time - J.D Souther

Mix by +David Schipper