Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Mood music‏


These songs mean a lot to me, Records enter the charts but some stick with you, these are ones that stay relevant to me. Some stick with you because they have a catchy tune, or a melody that just won’t go away, or the sentiment within the song meant something to me. These tracks are not in any particular order. And could easily name a dozen more, this is just a taste of my taste.

Alive and Kicking this track was the very first vinyl single I had ever bought, I never at that time owned headphones, so here I was lying downstairs on the kitchen floor speakers either side of my head blasting the song out at full volume, pissing off the neighbours no doubt.

Leaving me now, I was a huge fan of Mark King, still am, but this track was playing on radio 1 when I had first been dumped, I played it none stop for a week, as the one thing I believe in until this day, you never know what love is until you have lost it. I still feel sad when it first starts, but would I change things……never.

There must be an angel, easy my mother’s favourite song and every time I hear it, it reminds me of her, and it is an amazing song.

Who wants to live forever, I could name any number of Queen tracks as in my opinion Freddy Mercury was the greatest singer of his generation. But I first heard this song in the Movie Highlander and play this song at least once a week and is forever on my mp3 player.

Hotel California, again like Queen I could name any number of songs by this amazing group, but this one sticks with me, I have loved this track since I was but a boy and probably still love it the day I die.

Nothing compares 2 you, again a heartbreaker song, no break-up this time I just loved this song, written by Prince and always wondered what his version would have sounded like.

Father and son, this is the song that I sing in karaoke whilst drunk and not in this country and always good memories when I hear it, no matter where I am work, bus, night out, I have to sing along with it.

Just say yes, I am a massive soap fan and when a storyline grabs me it grabs me, this song played during a scene in Emmerdale and has like I stated in my opening, stuck with me and is an amazing song. And they have other amazing songs like Run, and Chasing cars to name just a couple.

Someone like you, wow what a talent, I was unaware of her until she sung this on TheBrits and she just blew me away, I have listened to 19 and 21 cover to cover many times since, and she will no doubt be around for a very long time what a voice.

Bedshaped, again another original band, and what a song and again I could name any number of songs by this group, Somewhere only we know, and everything changes, to name just 2, listen to them and tell me you haven’t loved them.

Africa, I loved this song and like Queen is a permanent track on my mp3 player, it just hits every sinew within my soul, as does Rosanna a great track for any mix tape.

The Boxer, These are my all-time favourite group and would travel anywhere in this world to see them play, this song is an amazing song about destitution and what you will do to survive and it just …… well listen to it.

Iris, City of Angels with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan, one of my all-time favourite films, this song just suited that movie so well, and it is also a permanent track on my mp3 player and just love the song.

In the Air Tonight, I was and still a fan of Genesis and therefore Mr Collins, this was an amazing song about a crime that had been spotted and explained during the song, it has hate for the person but the song just hits home, and has nothing to do with the gorilla playing the drums.

15, Bed of Roses, I am a fan of John Bon-jovi and love most of his songs, likes of Blaze of glory from Young Guns, and Always, but Bed of Roses is my favourite of them all, I listen to it a few times in a row when it hits on my player, it is long very long but it’s right.

This is my first Mix tape and the reasons behind each and every song, this won’t be my last mix tape and I enjoyed working through this and listening as I went.


1. Alive and Kicking - Simple Minds.

2. Leaving me Now - Level 42

3. There must be an Angel - the Eurythmics

4. Who wants to live forever - Queen

5. Hotel California - the Eagles

6. Nothing Compares - Sinead O’Connor

7. Father and Son - Cat Stevens

8. Just say yes - Snow patrol

9. Someone like you - Adele

10. Bedshaped - Keane

11. Africa - Toto

12. The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel

13. Iris - the Goo Goo Dolls

14. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins

15. Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi

Mix by David Spowart